Welcome to the NYCYDC Fundraise Page


A message from the Founder:


On this page, I would like to share with you my vision for NYCYDC and how far I would love for us to grow and impact all of New York City’s Yugioh Community….and who knows, maybe other cities around the country. Let me share with you, a synopsis of my vision and perhaps if you like what you read maybe you will be willing to donate. Yes, money would be ideal, but I would also prefer donation of time, skill, and help in all it’s forms. Thank you for reading this, let us begin.


NYCYDC Challenge (Open to the Public) for August 2021


An open city tournament, where anyone 18 or older can register and play. After an opening ceremony, going over the rules and prizes…each challenger will spend the next 4 weeks traveling around the 5 boroughs of NYC on scheduled appointments to meet and challenge a NYCYDC Specialist. A Challenger must collect all 8 specialist cards to qualify to challenge our last 4 of the elite team. Each specialist challenge will be a duel (not a match) but each Elite duel will be a match. This tournament will have challengers explore the City of New York and make new friends and of course, test their skills in the Yugioh Trading Card Game. In the end ceremony, a trophy, a title, and a champion will be named and established for the next year.

For More details on NYCYDC Challenge and how it will work on a more specific level, please feel free to email nycydc21@gmail.com



NYCYDC YouTube Channel & NYCYDC Club App

We are planning to start a youtube channel for NYCYDC. This channel will bring forth ideas, dueling strategies, debates, interviews with duelist, commentary on yugioh plays, and so much more. Also, our app will enable us to stay connected and bring about a “Battle City” feeling as we can arrange and register our duels with each member through an app. We will look to give an all around the city type of approach and other useful tools currently being developed.