NYCYDC Challenge


(Open to Members & to The General Public)

General Information:

The First Annual NYCYDC YuGiOh Challenge is our outreach tournament welcoming those in the Five Boroughs of New York City to show their skills in the Trading Card Game - YuGiOh. This tournament is designed to test one's skills, determination, and abilities. 

This Tournament will also have you step out of your comfort zone as it will require you to travel all around the New York City - 5 Boroughs region. You will be required to acquire Duel Specialist Cards from 8 different Specialist. After you have acquired all 8 cards, you will then have to face the top 4 duelist in our club, and if you are successful, you will face our Champion.

Early Registration to begin March 1st, 2021

Normal Registration to begin April 12th, 2021

Late Registration to begin June 1st, 2021 and ending June 3rd, 2021


Tournament shall operate from June 1st, 2021 to August 22th. 

Followed by an Award Ceremony, approximately August 28th, 2021 


The Following is a Listing of all positions that need to be fulfilled in the tournament. Primarily, we are looking for them to be filled by members of NYCYDC. However, if the need arises we will seek to outsource to fill the roles.

Champion Interim - Cyrus, The Janitor

Elite Four Member 4 - Available

Elite Four Member 3 - Kevin Soares

Elite Four Member 2 - Justin Sane (Clipz)

Elite Four Member 1 - Andrea S.

Duel Specialist - Diego, Master of Zones

Duel Specialist - The Gentleman

Duel Specialist - Alessandro, The Master of Cyber Art

Duel Specialist - Available

Duel Specialist - Available

Duel Specialist - Available

Duel Specialist - Available

Duel Specialist - Available

Eliminator - Justin Cosme

Eliminator - Antonio

Eliminator - Available

Eliminator - Available 

Qualifications and Rules to be a

Duel Specialist


- Must be a member of NYCYDC (Exceptions can be made if the condition calls for it)

- Must be 18 or up

- Must reside in the 5 Boroughs of NYC 

- Must uphold tournament rules

- Must be willing to meet challengers in a scheduled time and place in there area of residence (near by)

- Must Commit to Specializing in a archetype, type, or attribute and may "splash" any other non-archetype cards in as long as their deck does not change in essence or at heart. 

- Duel Specialist are required to create a special email address for the tournament duration. If will be in the format of (for example:

- Every Challenger gets 1 Duel, NOT a Match. This is because we do not want a long line of people waiting throughout the tournament. If a challenger wants to re-challenge a DS, he or she will need to either wait for others to go first or come back the next day (reschedule).

- DS must enforce the Rule of Punishment for Lateness. Challengers are given 8 minutes to meet for their challenge Duels against a DS. For every minute late, the challenger loses 1000 Life Points. If the challenger arrives before the end of the 8 minutes, he or she may choose to continue or forfeit and reschedule. If they are late to the 8th minute, it is an automatic defeat and they will have to reschedule.

All Duel Specialist are not allowed to initiate a Duel passed Sundown during the tournament for safety purposes for both challengers and DS.

- Both DS and Challenger begins with 8000LP (except if challenger is late).

- Duel Specialist must have a unique personality. This is not a regular YCS tournament. You must have a character of sort.

- Neither Specialist nor Challenger may ask of any knowledge of their decks.

- Each DS name and title, shall be the "hint" for the challengers of what they are facing.

- NYCYDC DS will identify themselves with special DS ID cards to be worn outside on the person of each DS.

- DS may allow Challengers to adjust their decks in accordance to the "hint" given about the DS in the DS title. 

Qualifications and Rules regarding Elite 4


Order of E4 Members shall be determined by a mini tournament amongst all who wish to be a member of the E4.

- Every Challenger shall face every E4 member in order of sequence with a 1 hour start between each challenger.

- Challengers will face E4 in full matches. (Best 2 out of 3)

- Side Decks are Permitted for E4 Challenges

- E4 may change decks before the start of a match. (may have up to 3 different decks)

- The Law of Punishment for Lateness still applies. 1000LP per minute late of the Challenger.

- Elite 4 and Champion will be met in one space towards the end of the tournament. No traveling around the City of New York, will be required. 

Qualifications and Rules for Eliminators


- Eliminators will be assigned different areas to near Duel Specialist areas randomly each tournament day.

- Eliminators are to "thin the herd" of challengers and therefore will not be dispatched until a certain number of challengers have been attained.

- Eliminators will be given Unique Eliminator cards to Identify themselves as Eliminators.

- Eliminator Challenges cannot be refused by Challengers.

- If Challenger loses to Eliminator, Challenger must surrender 1 DS card earned from their collection. If Challenger has no DS card, their challenge is over and are to be removed from the tournament.

- If Eliminator loses the duel, then he/she cannot re-challenge that Challenger for the rest of that tournament day.

- Eliminators will be assigned to areas near DS that have a reasonable enough of challengers waiting to see a DS.

- Eliminators shall also posses powers and authority with reason to remove a Challenger who is deemed and found cheating beyond a shadow of a doubt with conclusive evidence.